computermadness series completed


lfo: millionaire dogs
autechre: play weissensee against im glück
flexitone: nausicaä
robert hood: minus
der zyklus: formenverwandler
arpanet: devoid of wires
polygon window: ut1-dot
dez williams: no mean feat
the mover: program your fate
wasteland: shadow line
chevron: emails and viruses
nautilis: 888
afx: elephant song
brothomstates: kava
plastikman: disconnect
bandulu: wetlook
william basinski: disintegration loop 6
autechre: dial
shifted phases: scattering pulsars
drexciya: living on the edge
dez williams: when nature calls
made: vear one
claro intellecto: section part 2
silicon scally: deep dissolve
bitstream: anno domini
human league: the dignity of labour 2
lfo: ultra schall
human league: black hit of space


biosphere: poa alpina
disjecta: k- bop
orbital: sad but true
dopplereffekt: scientist
bizzare inc: playing with knives (quadrant mix)
altern8: move my body
joey beltram: caliber + drome
the klf: what time is love (1988 pure trance original)
autechre: second bad Vilbel
plastikman: spastik
underground resistance: final frontier
seefeel: tied
jesus jones: zeroes & ones (aphex twin reconstruction #1)
lfo: tied up
speedy j: drill
phuture: we are phuture
autechre: reniform puls
carl craig: science fiction (kenny larkin remix)
lab rat xl: lab rat 1
b12: cymetry
space djz: celestial funk
air liquide: theme from robot wars
robotman: do da doo (david holmes remix)
meat beat manifesto: mindstream (aphex twin remix)
front 242: religion, the prodigy bass under siege mix
atari teenage riot: redefine the enemy 97
fire on high: floating in a dream of ex-tc
sourmash: pilgrimage to paradise
cls: can you feel it?
clark: re- scar kiln
afx: afx acid 04
drexciya: bottom feeders
brothomstates: jak got stuck in canada and this sounds like
quinoline yellow: cyriack parasol
kraftwerk: nummern
gescom: keynell4
the black dog: further harm
plastikman: lasttrak
higher intelligence agency: ketamine entity
disjecta: here
biosphere: antennaria


01 billy ocean-get out my dreams get into my car
02 davy dmx-the dmx will rock (scratch mix)
03 davy dmx-the dmx will rock (master mix)
04 bug kann & the plastic jam-made in two minutes
05 shut up and dance-here comes a different type of rap track not the usual 4 bar loop crap
06 patrick pulsinger-construction tool
07 esoterik-kwaidan
08 liaisons dangerouses-put être...pas
09 afx-naks 11 mono
10 todd terry project-made by the man
11 steve poindexter-computer madness
12 cybotron-clear
13 gescom-puzl
14 man parrish-hip hop be bop
15 hashim-al naafiysh (the soul)
16 lory d-9 tracks 4 a fine road hog track a2
17 the sweat boys-do you want to percolate
18 burial-forgive
19 sleeparchive-galactic blob
20 phylyps-track II-I
21 skream-lightning
22 vex'd-lion vip
23 curve-falling free (aphex)
24 sub love-and then more (remix)
25 joey beltram-psycho bass
26 second phase-mentasm
27 mescalinum united-we have arrived
28 l.a.m.-meltdown
29 tipper-unlock the geometry
30 eurythmix-sweet dreams
31 radioactive man-twisty boomkart
32 mantra-age of aquarius b1
33 space djz-nice vibes
34 erotek-computer aided poetic funk
35 front 242-umen (ectomorph fixmix)
36 my life with the thrill kill kult-days of swine and roses
37 ultradyne-lardossen search squad
38 coil-things happen
39 gosub-darkness modulations
40 cane-fall
41 kavinsky-arpanet nightdrive
42 scorn-falling (ae fr 13 mix)
43 kraftwerk-musique non stop
44 afx-klopjob
45 squarepusher-schizm track #2
46 tura-bacco
47 boxcutter-brood
48 mark one-stargate
49 technasia-final quadrant
50 technasia-2 the floor
51 aphex twin-digeridoo
52 foul play-ricochet
53 the mover-invite the fear
54 dopplereffekt-myon neutrino
55 lfo-what is house
56 a guy called gerald-auto rebuild
57 dj seduction-you can dance
58 a guy called gerald-space 1999
59 arpanet-event horizon
60 brothomstates vs blamstrain-ketku 9000
61psyche-how the west was won
62 legofeet-b7
63 lionel richie-hello


John said...
27 May 2007 at 09:33

you rock, make more! :D

Rob said...
2 July 2007 at 16:51

"sitting in a laboratory.
conducting experiments.
analysing data.
i am a scientist."

i cannot express how hilariously absurd those lyrics sound.

loving the series, vlr.

Clifford Sage said...
25 October 2007 at 03:07

Oh my god man you're hitting the nail right on the head. These are the best mixes I’ve ever encountered yet.
Your choice in music is exactly what my mind is set to and you’ve just arranged it like brain butter. [let be known] Thanks.

Quaver said...
31 March 2008 at 06:16

Just wanna say this mix is outright 'kin amazing mate. Top stuff.

James said...
25 August 2008 at 00:49

Awesome looking sets from the tracklists but they don't seem to be available any more. Any chance you can re-up them somewhere please?

DJ VLR said...
6 September 2008 at 23:37

should be sorted now, thanks for reporting the problem

James said...
7 September 2008 at 18:05

Thanks for sorting out the links, just to add that volume 3 has an extra letter in the url link (hhttp) but these mixes are great as are the others on the blog, cheers :)

DJ VLR said...
8 September 2008 at 23:49

hah! should be sorted now. thanks again, sir

0bi1 said...
29 January 2011 at 13:57

Track ID please....what's the track with Kate Bush sampled ? Comp. Madness I, around 25' - nautilis: 888 ?